Bishop Dinnanauth Bio

Bishop Robin Dinnanauth Bio:

Bishop Robin Dinnanauth is an international evangelist known for his dynamic and anointed healing and deliverance ministry. He is the founder of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies of Churches (EFGA), Robin Healing Ministries, RDM Institute of Spiritual Development, Josiah’s House of Hope for Children and R M Dinnanauth Enterprises.

A Trailblazer in the
Ministry of Deliverance and Healing

A trailblazer in the ministry of deliverance and healing, Bishop Dinnanauth is single-minded in his commitment to use every means available to disseminate the Gospel to the entire world. Through the myriad of ministerial endeavours in varied areas of the United States, Guyana, Canada and other global locations, Bishop Dinnanauth can be found engaging, encouraging and empowering every individual to live abundantly in the love and liberty of Christ.

Whether hosting the popular television program Rise and Be Healed, the Waging Spiritual Warfare Conference, organizing a mission event through the Josiah’s House of Hope Program (an outreach effort of Robin Healing Ministries) or leading one of his successful Miracle & Deliverance Crusades, which air on major Christian networks around the world, Bishop Robin Dinnanauth is a spiritual catalyst in the hands of our awesome God, leading others in the path of prosperous living through a life yielded for the Master’s use. A prolific author of several books including Power to Prosper, Ambush the Enemy, Call to Duty, Faith and Foundation and Spiritual Warfare in the Supernatural Realms. Bishop Dinnanauth is ministering to the masses the divine message of freedom and miraculous healing. Bishop Robin is also the Founding Pastor of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies of Churches, more affectionately called “The Tabernacle”.

Disseminate the Gospel to the Entire World

God gave His obedient servant the vision of hosting the Waging Spiritual Warfare Conferences on a global level. Bishop Robin’s mandate through this revelation is to compel the lost to surrender to the Cross and empower believers to walk in the freedom and power God has called them to. This conference revelation seeks to win souls and to make them disciples of Jesus Christ by collaborating with other spiritual world leaders to take the saving, delivering and healing Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States and across the world.

Bishop Robin has earned a bachelor's degree in theology from More Than Conquerors School of Theology, a Certificate in Ministry from Kingdom University and Oral Roberts University. He is also a Board-Certified Pastoral Counsellor through the International Board of Christian Counsellors (IBCC/AACC).

A highly sought-after crusade and revival speaker, Bishop Robin Dinnanauth, has been raised up by God as a prophetic voice to the world. He has also been a guest on The Word Network, The Now Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) where he was invited to share his revelatory views on the miraculous signs and wonders of Christ in this present age. Bishop Robin is calling people to Jesus Christ through the good news of the Gospel and the power of the Blood of the Lamb. Thousands experience the saving, healing, and delivering message of Christ as he ministers’ hope to the sick, the afflicted, and the hurting. Bishop Robin is married to First Lady Veronica Dinnanauth. They are blessed to be the parents of three sons: Justin M. Jr., Josiah Timothy and Jaden Luke.