GLOBAL PRAYER SUMMIT 2022 – FRESH OIL will be held at the Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Orlando Campus in Orlando Florida. This Summit will be like none you have ever experienced. We have some of the most incredibly Anointed Men and Women of God that will impart into your life, so that you can meet today’s challenges.

You are going to be blessed! You are going to experience Miracles, Deliverance, Financial Increase, Healing, and Impartation. It will touch and change your life forever.

Our Praise and Worship Team and Special Psalmists will be leading us into the Presence of God, as we come together in one mind, one heart, and one accord.

Think of a Prayer Summit as a place where all of God’s children-red, yellow, black, and white- can gather in a humility that produces biblical unity. It’s an environment that welcomes the expression of every person, culture, and tradition. It’s a prayer gathering where all have the freedom to be themselves, yet the responsibility to serve others.


GPS is designed to be a gathering of Christians who spend several days seeking the Lord and His agenda for their individual lives, families, church, and community. It is a gathering of individuals who take seriously their responsibility to corporately prepare their lives and church for an outpouring of God’s blessing.


Global Prayer Summit is designed to help Christians enter into a consistent, daily, and meaningful prayer life. Messages are linked with a "hands on" approach where participants are directed to make real what they have learned through designated times of prayer. The Summit is not directed to victorious Christians, but toward those who realize they need real "help" in this matter of prayer.


  1. To strengthen your relationship with the Lord.
  2. To strengthen your relationship with other believers.
  3. To seek God’s face for personal, corporate, and national revival.
  4. To seek God’s will for your life and the church.
  5. To seek a refreshing of heart, mind, and soul.


GLOBAL PRAYER SUMMIT (GPS) will be held at the Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Orlando Campus located at
4777 Silver Star Road
Orlando, Florida 32808

Have a question about registration, sponsorships, and more? Please complete the form below.
Or, call us at 407- 217-5745 or 718-725-1400 Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM.


Global Prayer Summit (GPS) complete schedule is subject to change without notice to registrants if there any unforeseen circumstance with facilities, guest speakers or any other department pertaining to GPS. If the GPS schedule is affected for any reason, registrants are not entitled to full or partial refunds. The volunteers and staff of GPS have the authority to deny any registrant access to GPS if the registrant has not fulfilled the payment requirements of the registration fee.