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CL101 – Management in Leadership
This course introduces the ministry of leadership. When we speak of leadership, we are not talking about secular leadership like that evident in the business world. We are speaking of managing spiritual resources for the work of the ministry.

CL102 – Leadership Position
The Church is the instrument through which God is presently working to reveal Himself to the world. In this course you will learn about leaders set in the Church by God. You will also learn of other leadership positions which have emerged because of practical needs in the local church.

CL103 – Leaders and the Anointing
The Lord wants leaders to be successful and to impact the world for the Kingdom of God. How can you be that kind of leader? Having knowledge of practical areas and the general tasks of leaders will help you become a successful leader. There are Biblical qualifications for leaders which are also necessary. Spiritual gifts, skills, education, and experience are important too. You will study about these later.

CL104 – Qualifications for Leaders
When God calls a believer to leadership, He wants to properly equip him to serve. Because specific tasks and callings are different, there are unique qualities necessary for various leadership positions in the Body of Christ. God equips each leader in different ways.

CL105 – Servanthood Leadership
Leadership in the world is often measured by power, money, education, and abilities. There are many styles of leadership in the world. By “style” we mean the way in which a person leads. For example, there are dictators who control people. There are also democratic leaders who are controlled by the vote of the people.

CL106 – Shepherding Leadership
Another analogy or natural parallel illustrating leadership is that of a shepherd. In the natural world, a shepherd is one who cares for sheep. A “fold” is a group or flock of sheep. In the spiritual world, people are compared to sheep. We are either sheep who have gone astray spiritually (Isaiah 53:6) or who have become part of the “fold” or “flock” of the Lord.

CL107 – Leadership Task
In previous lessons you learned HOW you should lead as a good steward, servant, and shepherd. This and following lessons focus on WHAT a leader actually does. Leadership involves many tasks. A task is a responsibility, duty, or job. There is no way we can discuss every task a leader may be called upon to do, so we will consider only the major tasks of leaders.

CL108 – Leadership Decision-Making
Making decisions is a difficult task facing leaders each day. Each decision is important, because decisions on small matters over a period of time affect your entire life and ministry. A decision is a choice. You must find an answer for a real-life situation and decide what action you will take. Decisions determine destiny. Decisions made by a leader affect not only his destiny, but the destiny of his followers.

CL109 – Conflicts and Discipline
Two important tasks of every leader are providing discipline and solving conflicts. Whenever you work with and minister to people these tasks are necessary. Discipline is correction of those who are wrong. A conflict is a fight or quarrel. A good leader must provide correction and be able to solve problems between his followers.

CL110 – Training Leaders and Followers
Leaders must have followers and followers must have leaders. In an average church, no one is designated to develop leaders and followers, yet the future of the Church depends on them. The training of leaders and followers should begin in childhood preparing youngsters to take their part in the body of Christ. Training should immediately follow conversion at any age.

CL111 – Facing Failure
This course is one of the most important ones in this course on ” Leadership.” It deals with failure. God has perfect plans, but He works through imperfect leaders to accomplish His plans. Because you are imperfect, you must understand the reasons for failure and know what to do when you fail.

CL112 – Success Principles
Successful people are often asked, “What is the secret of your success?” Those in the world system often list education, position, ambition, talent, power, and money as secrets of success. Many books have been written on the subject, but the true principles of success are revealed in the Bible. In this course you will learn Biblical principles of success.

CL113 – Counting the Cost
This course is currently under development

CL114 – Leadership Dynamics
Whether naturally talented or gifted by God, leaders and followers need training. “Each one teaches one to reach one” is God’s answer to the leadership shortage:

CL115 – Building Dynamic Teams
This course will teach you the how to Build Dynamic Team “…they ordained them elders in every church…” (Acts 14:23). Biblical precedent indicates that local churches were governed by a team of elders. God never let the rulership of the body rest on the shoulders of one man, knowing that each of us has weaknesses and limitations, and that no one man can completely represent full truth, wisdom and power as Jesus did. This course will help local church leadership function more effectively as a team, honoring the gifts of all.

CL116 – Visionary Leadership
Jesus’ leadership approach with His “staff” ran counter to most of the management styles and techniques employed today. In this course, you will explore the three categories of strengths behind Jesus’ leadership techniques: the strength of self-mastery, the strength of action, and the strength of relationships. You will learn a plan to heighten your awareness level in each category and to assist you in the process of mastering them all, which is necessary for you to become an empowered leader in this millennium.

CL117 – Management By Objectives
Everything Jesus did centered on the great purposes of God. This course analyzes Christ’s objectives for ministry and teaches students to institute management by objectives in their own life and ministry.

CL118 – Biblical Management Principles
A review of Biblical management principles with emphasis on servant leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.

CL119 – Power to Prosper
This course will take you on a journey to experience not only financial prosperity but emotional, social, and spiritual prosperity. Modern societies have limited the perceptive of prosperity. The goal of Power to Prosper is to expound on the ways that will allow you to experience prosperity. The power to prosper lies within you through Jesus Christ and the Word of God. The Word of God teaches us how to take dominion and have prosperity. In this course you will discover the vital role many play in their success by discovering the secrets of how to experience great prosperity in your life. Prosperity is not the accumulation of wealth; it is a lifestyle that is ordered by God himself.

GS105 – Computer Literacy
This introductory course is designed to provide students with a fundamental and basic understanding of computers through hands-on experiences in file management, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphical presentations. Students will learn the basic concepts of computer technology, which includes concepts and terminology necessary for the understanding of information systems, and develop proficiency in Microsoft Office, in the use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

GS110 – English & Writing
This introductory course is a writing intensive, four credit courses designed to help students practice the skills of close reading and critical analysis. Students will learn to read critically, think analytically, imagine an audience, draft an argument using appropriate language and structure, and edit for clarity and correctness. This course will allow students to build upon concepts, skills, and vocabulary that they will use throughout their ministerial and secular careers and serves as a precursor to preparing sermons and speeches.

GS120 – Mathematics
This course is a study of the application of mathematics to the solution of contemporary problems. This course will be an introduction to the techniques and fundamental principles underlying financial accounting as necessary in the operations of a faith-based organization.

PM101 – Preaching and Teaching Dynamics
Just as we seek to discover our hermeneutic method from the pages of Scripture, and just as we seek to apply those principles consistently, we also need to recognize that Scripture has much to say regarding how we should communicate God’s word to others. These principles on this topic even go so far as to help us think through the appropriate dynamics of communication.

PM102 – Homiletics
As leaders and followers alike, Homiletics can play a crucial role in Bible study and teaching. For followers, studiers, it can help us really dig deeper and get the meat of a passage, apply it to our lives, and ingrain it on our hearts. As teachers, it can help us set up lesson plans and Bible studies in a structured way and organize our thoughts.

PM103 – Officiating Christian Sacraments
Many people think the sacraments are a pledge or dedication of our lives to God. However, the sacraments are actually much greater and bigger than that. They are not so much things we do for God but are actually the means God uses to bless us. The sacraments—baptism and the Lord’s Supper—are vital practices of any church that confesses that Jesus is God and Savior of the world. As such, it is important to understand what they are and why they are important.

PM104 – Caring for God’s People
Caring for People God’s Way will help equip you to respond to the growing needs and provide competent and compassionate care to those who are hurting. It is biblically-based and features some of the best faculty in the world. Our goal is to help you understand the tough issues people wrestle with today and use the Bible with confidence with those who need clear direction and could use some strong encouragement.

PM105 – Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral counselor is a bit different than a clinical counselor or therapist. While they may provide similar services, pastoral counselors integrate spirituality, faith and theology with psychotherapy to help people seeking assistance with personal, family, marital and faith issues.

PM106 – Principles of Environmental Analysis
This course stresses the importance of environmental analysis in planning strategies to reach the world with the Gospel. “Environmental analysis” is defined and reviewed in the Old and New Testament records. Instructions are given for doing a personal environmental analysis and analyzing people groups, geographic areas, nations, regions of the world, and Christian organizations.

PM107 – Preaching the Full Gospel
This course is under development

PM108 – Emotional Buildup
Turmoil in one’s system is usually caused by emotional buildup (things in the past that were never let go of) or unclean spirits. If something is bothering us, we need to make the choice to release our concerns to the Lord. Whether it be bitterness, fear, hurt feelings, emotional damage, feelings of rejection or abandonment, those feelings are devastating to our spiritual health and must be released from our systems. God’s Word clearly tells us to cast our cares upon Him, for He cares for us:

PM109 – How God Sees Us
This is another big key to positioning ourselves to trust God with the issues of our life. It is very important to know how God sees us, what He thinks about us, and what His desires for us are. How can you trust somebody who you aren’t really sure is looking out for your best interest? How can you freely put your life in the hands of somebody who you perceive may use you and not be trustworthy? That is one of the fundamental reasons why Christians today have a hard time trusting God.

PM110 – Holy Spirit Counseling
Have you ever wanted to truly break free from the chains of emotional baggage from your past? Were you abused as a child, and it seemed to have scarred your life forever? Many people, even with professional counseling never get the healing and freedom that God intended for us. Do you honestly think that God wants us to struggle through life because of the things which happened to us? Absolutely not! So why are so many Christians struggling with the same issues over and over again throughout their entire life?

PM111 – The Prophetic Ministry
This essential course for prophets reveals the foundational truths pivotal to prophetic ministry, provides critical advanced training, and helps you grow in your giftings.