Who We Are


A Place to Call Home with People to Call Family

Tabernacle of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies began in a small living room with just a handful of dedicated people, moved to a store front and then a church building with more in attendance. Today we have become a worldwide outreach with our classes and Sunday sermons broadcast through television, radio and the internet. But this effort STILL begins at home…with YOU! If each of you will do your part, use your gifts and fulfill your mission to Christ by winning the lost, then together we can make an enormous impact for the Kingdom of God!

We offer many types of outreach, volunteer opportunities and classes that are certain to deepen your faith. Come and be a part of something that is making an eternal difference and know that God will put you in the right place at the right time to be used for His glory!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Tabernacle of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies is to guide people to a life of faith in Jesus Christ then onto lives that are fully devoted to Him. We accomplish this in three ways:

  • CONNECT…people to their Creator.

    We believe that people are made to be in a personal relationship with God who created them, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  • CAUSE…that people would find a purpose worth living and dying for.

    We believe people are made to participate with God in changing the world and impaction eternity.

  • COMMUNITY…provides people with genuine relationships that result in life changes.

    We believe people are made with the need for authentic friendships with other people.

Our Vision

Our Vision and desire is to see the Holy Spirit move as God wants, when God wants Him to move. We want to see His Will be done on earth. We believe the Church should be a place of comfort and healing.

  • A place where your needs are met and no need is too great or unusual.
  • A place of rest where anyone can come to receive encouragement for their journey.
  • A place where miracles, signs and wonders occur every time you come together.
  • A place where you never limit God.
  • A place where communion is shard in remembrance of Him.
  • A place where the fruit is as evident as the gift that is in use.
  • A place where faith can be built up and restored.
  • A place where fresh anointing takes place every time you congregate, not only with new vision and insight, but to remove burdens and destroy yokes.
  • A place to heal the broken hearted and to restore broken marriages and families.
  • A place where children are encouraged to embrace their faith and go out to evangelize the world.
  • A place of repentance, where deliverance takes place and the Holy Spirit will not just visit but dwell.
  • A place where He has liberty and no one else is in control.
  • A place where time is not an interest or factor, only doing the Will of God by obeying the things of the Spirit.
  • A place for the sinner to find refuge.
  • A place where people seek after His face and turn from their wicked worldly ways.
  • A place where there is unity among the brethren, as one mind to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.