Mission and Vision

WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST FOLLOWED BY SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES. Bishop Robin has one goal: to share the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the world. We want everyone to have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Approachable, personable, compassionate and full of joy, that’s the real Jesus who Robin Dinnanauth knows and loves. And it’s his mission in life to make sure everyone on every continent have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ too. Through world-wide television broadcasting, ministry audio and visual resources such as DVDs, CDs, digital media and Christian Literature, including books and our monthly distributed newsletter, internet outreach and meetings held across the globe Bishop Robin strives to fulfill this mission.

Robin Healing Ministries is reaching out with the Gospel in a way that is captivating the lost, bring them to the Cross and turning hardened hearts back to their first love. People are responding to this joyful, down-to-earth, and passionate ministry. They are tuning in. They’re listening and laughing. Most of all, they’re realizing the freedom, simplicity, and joy that comes from being at peace with God and in love with His Son, Jesus.

At RHM, we’re committed to keeping our focus uncluttered—pure and simple, just like Christianity is supposed to be. We’re proud to have one vision, one goal, one mission—BRING THE LOST TO THE CROSS. It’s our passion! And, we invite you to join with us and make it your passion too.