Waging Spiritual Warfare Conference 2020

WAGING SPIRITUAL WARFARE CONFERENCE will be held at the Tabernacle of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies in Woodhaven, New York. This Conference will be like none you have ever experienced. We have some of the most incredibly Anointed Men and Women of God that will impart into your life, so that you can meet today’s challenges.

You are going to be blessed! You are going to experience Miracles, Deliverance, Financial Increase, Healing, and Impartation. It will touch and change your life forever.

Our Praise and Worship Team and Special Psalmists will be leading us into the Presence of God, as we come together in one mind, one heart, and one accord.


Too many Christians are dressed for battle, but they don’t know how to fight the spiritual battle that will win their ministries, families, communities and nation back to God. It is time for the church to rally and take up the weapons of warfare God has provided through Spiritual Warfare.

Spiritual Warfare is beyond what can be seen with the naked eye is a world of spiritual forces at work for good and for evil. Understanding of and engagement with this world is sometimes known as “spiritual warfare”. While most followers of Jesus are familiar with spiritual warfare in the form of intercessory prayer, few are familiar with spiritual warfare in the form of healing through deliverance ministry.


Waging Spiritual Warfare Conference is designed to give you a chance to take up a fresh attitude for Spiritual Warfare. You will be equipped for Battle and Ready for Spiritual Warfare and you will be inspire to stand, fight and triumph over every force of darkness that comes against your homes, family, business, profession, environment, etc.


Waging Spiritual Warfare Conference has been commanded by God the Almighty. This will not be just another social gathering to teach “religion,” or rehash moral and biblical principles and theology. The express intent is to deliver specific prophetic messages from God Himself that can set you free from the grip Satan may have over your life.

The workshops sessions will enlighten you to the ways of darkness and reveal the blindness that is covering the majority of the Christian world. Satan, his demons, and all his satanic worshipers are stalking God’s earth devouring whom they will, and the Christian world appears to be totally unaware of their profound existence. If the reality of these statements shock you, or you are unaware of such happenings, you and many others, are a captive of Satan against your will! But, Hallelujah, you can break free!


Waging Spiritual Warfare Conference (WSWC) will be held at the Tabernacle of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies located at
87-34 85th Street,
New York 11421.

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The WSWC complete conference schedule is subject to change without notice to registrants if there any unforeseen circumstance with facilities, guest speakers or any other department pertaining to WSWC. If the WSWC schedule is affected for any reason, registrants are not entitled to full or partial refunds. The volunteers and staff of WSWC have the authority to deny any registrant access to WSWC if the registrant has not fulfilled the payment requirements of the registration fee.