Who We Are


Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Ministerial Fellowship, Inc. is a convention of non-denominational Pentecostal/Charismatic of Ministries, Churches and Training Institutes that desire a ministerial common bond to reach around the globe with the life-saving and healing gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a fellowship that grants ministerial credentials to Christian ministers, Bishops, church leaders, missionaries, educators and Chaplains in America and around the world who work full or part time in ministry. Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Ministerial Fellowship (EFGAMF) also provides spiritual covering and mentorship to qualified men and women who are seeking a deeper understanding in order to minister in the healing and deliverance ministry.

The integrity of the EFGAMF is built upon the solid foundation of the Bible. Its credentials are recognized in the United States and in many countries around the world. Those approved for association are required to meet the high standards we believe God still requires of all His ministers. Credentials from this body open doors to minister in prison, nursing homes and hospitals. It also expands the opportunities of ministry for apostles, prophets, evangelists, Bishops, and teachers. EFGAMF was founded in 2004 by a trailblazer in the ministry of deliverance and healing, international evangelist, and author Bishop Robin Dinnanauth. Bishop Dinnanauth is the founder of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies of Churches (EFGA), Robin Healing Ministries, RDM Institute of Spiritual Development, and RM Dinnanauth Enterprises. Bishop Robin firmly believes that God can and will use any faithful individual to preach or teach the Gospel.

Our Purpose

The Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies Ministerial Fellowship is a multicultural fellowship of economically diverse Christian laborers who recognize the need for Licensing and Spiritual covering. It seeks to help individuals, churches, and ministries fulfill their Christian purpose. Our goal is to build covenant relationship that will establish a sound spiritual leadership and provide opportunities for personal and leadership development through impartation, resourcing, mentoring, accountability, and restoration. Our aim is to become a birthing ground that cultivates potential and fulfils destiny.


EFGAMF vision is win souls and to make them disciples of Jesus Christ by planting churches and empowering men and women of God. We work with other ministers and their ministries in God’s Kingdom to bring the lost to the cross. We seek to provide care, hope and spiritual growth to our communities, including caregivers and first responders, at the point of their need.

Mission Statement

EFGAMF mission is to provide leadership and spiritual covering to churches, missions, Christian schools and other forms of Christian work. It seeks to bring like-minded ministries and ministers in the United States and around the world to fulfill the Lord’s commission to make disciples of all nations.

EFGAMF wants to bring revival and restoration to its members and their congregation. Its goal is to create a positive atmosphere of fellowship and oneness among ministries that shares its values. In addition, it seeks to impart the anointing and vision that God has placed upon the Spiritual Father of this Fellowship Bishop Dinnanauth life to others with a shared calling. EFGAMF wants to make its resources available to all its members so that they can bring to fruition God’s plan for their lives and their ministries.