Our History

Throughout the cities and impoverished villages of the Kenya, East Africa, homeless and abandoned children have become permanent fixtures. Economics, cultural traditions, and unsanitary conditions force them to scavenge and beg for scraps daily. Violence and loss have siphoned all hope.

In 2013, Robin Healing Ministries ministry began to search for ways to minister to orphaned children often found homeless and destitute. At the same time, Bishop Robin Dinnanauth was invited by some Pastors to spend a few days in the Kenya to conduct a Healing Crusade. The evenings were spent in ministry, while orphan children were visited during the day.

Josiah’s House of Hope for Children is the realization of Bishop Robin Dinnanauth dream to care for orphaned children. Bishop Robin Dinnanauth desire to care for the less fortunate started from when he was a young boy and after visiting Africa extensively and witnessed how children were suffering after being abandoned by their parents due to excess drinking or poverty and orphans who were left destitute after the death of their parents. He felt in his heart that all the hurting children should be taken care of by the government, yet nobody cared about them. It is because of this situation that he vowed his heart that to build the current Josiah’s House of Hope for Children in Kitale, Kenya.

With hearts full of gratitude for God’s provisions and appointments, we now see the fruit of the many prayers and love of those who followed God’s call to care for the orphans.