Requirements & Benefits

Requirements and Benefits of Membership

  1. Completed and signed application form
  2. One recent passport size photographs (digital)
  3. Membership fee for the type and level you are requesting
  4. Include three letters of recommendation, with one letter written by your Pastor. Recommenders must have known you for at least two years, provide their address and telephone number, cannot be related to the applicant by Blood or Marriage, and cannot be related to each other.
  5. Complete the attached Ministry Statement form describing your calling from God and current ministry involvement.
  6. Write a letter explaining why you want to become a part of EFGAMF.
  7. Sign the attached Statement of Ethical Conduct.
  8. Photocopy of your driver license or State issued identification card or biographic page of your passport
  9. Successfully complete the Biblical Examination and/or a course of study in Christian education as determined by the EFGAMF based on the information provided in the application package and the type of license the applicant is requesting.


Credentials: You will have credentials that will enable you to serve in various ministries as hospitals, prison, nursing home and shelters.

In addition, you will make a wise investment in the future of your ministry by attending RDM Institute sponsored training programs and seminars.

Support: EFGAMF will provide guidance in establishing and maintaining your church according to Biblical standards. It will help establish administrative and operational support to meet accepted standards. The fellowship is blessed with hard-working volunteers who are committed to your success. They have access to trained, anointed men and women of God, and they can provide prayer, encouragement and practical advice whenever you need it. They are also your hosts whenever you attend one of our functions.

Web Exposure: The fellowship's virtual home, is an outstanding resource for members. The website provides online access to the services and benefits described here. Pastors can use it to promote their church by disseminating information concerning their work to members of the EFGAMF.

Ongoing Communications: EFGAMF will keep its members updated throughout the year with regularly scheduled letters, e-mails and other communications, so that they can stay in touch with Bishop Dinnanauth and the other churches within the fellowship.

Impartation: Bishop Dinnanauth imparts the anointing that is upon his life to you when you come under his leadership.

Corporate Anointing: EFGAMF fellowship churches have faith-filled anointed intercessors who know how to pray you to get your breakthrough.

Covering: Bishop Dinnanauth is the spiritual father of EFGAMF members. Members not only submit to his leadership, but also receive the favor and blessing God has bestowed upon him. Under Bishop Dinnanauth’s covering, you will be able to accomplish more for God than you would be able to do on your own.

Networking: EFGAMF gives you the opportunity to fellowship with like-minded, Spirit-filled men and women of God. They can relate to the challenges you face in ministry and are able to give godly advice and help to you. They can share with and join in agreement with you before the Lord for your personal and ministry needs. Such associations can lead to lifetime friendships.

Gatherings: EFGAMF sponsors events throughout the year, which will equip, empower and propel you to the next level in your life and ministry.