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Because JHOH receives no government financial assistance at all, we are solely funded by child sponsorship and donations. As more children arrive at Josiah’s House of Hope for Children, they need Sponsors – $1 a day will change their life and yours and 100% of the funds come directly to Josiah’s House of Hope.

Why not join our network of Supporters and get involved? You can do as much or as little as you like; whatever you can do, will be most appreciated and make a huge difference in your own life knowing that you are assisting to help create a better world for the children at Josiah’s House of Hope for Children. There is no greater feeling than helping others.

Once you let us know you would like to sponsor a child at JHOH, you will receive a welcome letter detailing the background of the child and their current status including a photo. As a part of the JHOH Sponsorship Program, Sponsors can connect with their children via traditional mail and email. You will also receive formal updates on your child’s progress every year.

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Minimum donation amount is $30 (USD) per month. Child Sponsorship donations are tax-deductible.

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